The Sylph Bodice in Black
The Sylph Bodice in Black
The Sylph Bodice in Black
The Sylph Bodice in Black
Jane, No!

The Sylph Bodice in Black

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Sylph: an air fairy or spirit that is known to protect knowledge, women, and the environment, and who likes to play tricks on men. <3

This bodice is lovingly handmade from high quality, responsibly sourced satin. It features soft elastic straps, front lacing for adjustability, and a full satin lining for max comfort and security. No corners were cut here! The Sylph bodice was made with such care and attention to detail that you could wear it inside out and not even notice. 


This item is MADE-TO-ORDER, please allow 1-3 weeks for your item to be made before shipment.

Sizes modeled: Photos 1, 4-6: XS; photos 2-3: Medium. More sizes will be photographed soon!

Size Chart (in inches):

XS bust: 30-31, waist: 22-23, hip: 32-33

S bust: 32-33, waist: 24-25, hip: 34-35

M bust: 34-36, waist: 26-28, hip: 36-38

L bust: 37-39, waist: 29-31, hip: 39-41

XL bust: 40-42, waist: 32-34, hip: 42-44

1X bust: 43-45, waist: 35-37, hip: 45-47

2X bust: 46-48, waist: 38-41, hip: 48-51

3X bust: 49-51, waist: 42-45, hip: 52-55

Please email me or message on instagram for custom sizing!